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This website was built using bootstrap 4 and Flask. Flask is a tool for helping people who prefer pyhton for their web application. It uses Jinja2 for templates in order to render HTML docs when navigating to different pages. I can do work and use functions in my pyhton script and then pass the variables to my HTML doc once it's rendered. This pirticular server is a VPS hosted by HostFlyte. It's hosted using an OpenVZ instead of a usually KVM. OpenVZ has a little less seperation from each machine than KVM. This makes it a cheaper option for companies and a cheaper option for me, a college student. I purhcased my VPS, set up my firewall, installed the latest version of python and set it up myself.

Eagle Project

For my Eagle Project I cleared out a trail that lead from my town church to the new town common. I worked with scouts in my troop, Lowe's, my friends and my reverand from my church. I learned a lot from completing the project and it felt good to give back to the community and lead it all the way through.


Corero offered me a summer internship in 2019. I learned more than I could have asked for from the time I spent there. From setting up my own server to using splunk and wheniwork REST api to setting up a slack bot. Under the Internship part of this site I've included the projects I completed for them and all the great things I learned while I was there

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