Redirect Page

This button will redirect you to a spotify page to log into your account. In order to look at a users top played songs the you must first tell Spotify to give me permission to get your data from them. I only request for a user's top played data and my access to it is for only 60 minutes. You can check this by looking at the link that my button will redirect you to. The scope field is set to user-top and the form of authentication is temporary.

Spotify may take upto 15 seconds to redirect after sign in

How It Works

The link that I redirect a user to contains data that Spotify will read such as:

  • My App's ID (made on their website)
  • Whitelisted redirect page the user will be led to after signing in
  • Scopes that I need, to make requests on my redirect page
On my Top Played Page I will use XMLHttpRequests and a token that Spotify has given me to get data from them. I ask Spotify for the user's top 30 played arists and songs and it returns JSON data with a lot of information about each. I then use javascript to create HTML elements that get specific parts of the data and use bootstrap to make it dynamic and more interactive. If you are worried about me being able to access this data over and over you'll be assured to knew that the token I have for a user's data is only temporary (last for 1 hour). Also all the work is done in the front end and you can even see the source code for it so you know that I'm only asking for data from Spotify and then displaying it for you. Nothing is sent back or saved to my server.